A Worldwide Leader

Coface - global expertise serving businesses worldwide


  • 4,300 employees
  • 75 different nationalities
  • 50,000 corporate customers
  • €1,354.9 million turnover
  • €493 billion in insured receivables
  • operating directly or indirectly in 100 countries
  • Data on 80 million businesses worldwide
  • 10,000 daily risk underwriting decisions
  • 40,000 debt recovery files processed annually

Coface has been a worldwide leader in the credit insurance market for more than 70 years. Our ambition is to facilitate business-to-business trade by working with customers to develop their domestic and export operations, fully assessing the financial risks they take and protecting their trade receivables against non-payment.


Coface is listed on the French stock exchange (Euronext, Paris). The company has a solid financial base and excellent solvency levels. Fitch and Moody's ratings for Coface are AA- an A2 respectively, with a stable outlook in both cases.

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