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Coface Calendar

Coface hold a number of events to share their expertise and market knowledge and help their clients to trade safely. 


The annual Coface Country Risk Conference provides a unique opportunity for industry specialists and economists to share their views on the world economy. Find out more about the Coface conferences below. 


Coface Country Risk Conference in London - 9 June 2016

The Conference will provide country and sector information to help companies and their advisers to identify the risks and rewards of trading in the UK and exporting. This will then help companies to develop a strategy to maximise their trading opportunities. 


During this half day event, experienced commentators will provide insight on:


  • UK Economy - House of bricks or cards?
  • Global Recovery - Fact or fiction?
  • Cyber Security - Evolving threats and how to defend against them
  • Geopolitical Risks - Here to stay


Plus two Roundtables with further contributors from industry

  • English