Our Mission

Helping companies to take the right decisions

Coface's presence in the United Kingdom dates back to 1993. Following consolidation of our position as a leading trade credit insurer, we now also provide political risk cover, business information and debt collection.
We advise, guide and protect companies to enable their successful development. In fulfilling this mission, we make use of key financial data for identifying and understanding our clients growth opportunities and risks. To speak to a Coface representative on how we can potentially support your business contact us.

How Coface can support you

Coface aims to provide the highest standards of service to clients

As an entirely self-funded business, working to tight margins, World Direct Travel decided Coface's credit insurance was the most cost-effective way to limit its exposure to client insolvency.


"We are entirely self-financed and extending an amount of credit each month felt like too much of a risk. Credit Insurance allowed us to minimise that risk"


"We went for Coface because of the online credit checking, the competitive price and because Coface answered all my questions which gave me confidence in them"


Coface Client, World Direct Travel Ltd


Clients who would recommend Coface

Coface aim to provide the highest standards of service to clients. This is why we make sure that you always deal with the same client support team - a group of people who understand your business and who are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.


Coface surveys its clients on an annual basis to monitor the effect of its focus on improving client satisfaction and 97% of our clients would recommend Coface.

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