Our Mission

Helping companies to take the right decisions

Coface's presence in the United Kingdom dates back to 1993. Following consolidation of our position as a leading trade credit insurer, we now also provide political risk cover, business information and debt collection.
We advise, guide and protect companies to enable their development in a safer environment. In fulfilling this mission, we make use of key financial data for identifying and understanding particular risks and suggesting suitable insurance cover.

How Coface can support you

Coface aims to provide the highest standards of service to clients

Company non-payment and insolvency can result in the 'domino-effect' where companies face insolvency due to the insolvency of their suppliers and/or trading partners.


"10 years ago the credit function was back of the business, now I am speaking with the Chairman, Finance Director, travelling all around the world, looking after the company's money. Coface plays a big part in that" 


- Nigel Fields, International Director of Credit, 20th Century Fox


Client satisfaction in 2015 

Coface aim to provide the highest standards of service to clients. This is why we make sure that you always deal with the same client support team - a group of people who understand your business and who are dedicated to helping you achieve your objectives.


Coface surveys its clients on an annual basis to monitor the effect of its focus on improving client satisfaction. Over a 5 year period, the percentage of clients who are satisfied with our service has increased from 86% in 2010 to 95% in 2015.   97% of our clients would recommend Coface.

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